Cars vs Bosses Gameplay Trailer

Game Designer

I worked as a Designer on Cars vs Bosses from conception to completion. I played an integral role in designing and tuning AI behaviors, boss encounters, weapon systems, upgrade paths, and an XP system with loot box rewards. All of these systems overlap and exist in an economy designed for the mobile market

Some of my responsibilities as Game Designer

  • Thoughtfully designed game systems, including:

    • 5 behaviorally different weapons, each with an upgrade path of 8 tiers

    • A vehicle “garage” with 20 different cars and unique skins

    • An XP based leveling system with lootbox rewards

    • A mobile economy centered around lootbox rewards

    • Varied AI behaviors

    • Interesting boss encounters

  • Produced clear and thorough design documentation

  • Organized design documentation into agile tasks for programmers/artist

  • Worked closely with multiple disciplines to bring project from conception to completion