Looney Tunes Dash! Highlight Reel

Lead Level Designer

I had the pleasure of working as Lead Level Designer on Looney Tunes Dash! This game has seen great success in the App Store and Google Play. With over 100 million downloads, a recipient of Apple's Editor's Choice Award, an App Store featured app 18 times (and counting), and over 550 levels built, It's a game I'm proud to have worked on.

Some of my responsibilities as Lead Level Designer

  • Plan zone themes/content and assign levels to LD team.

  • Build levels that are fun and imaginative using a fixed set of assets

  • Coordinate a constructive level review process

  • Interview and train new LDs on how to use in house tools

  • Capture video for WB approval and screenshots for release images

  • Fix bugs in levels found by off site QA team

  • Foster a positive and constructive environment.