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Wobbly Words

Game Designer


Wobbly words takes the idea of a crossword game, and adds a balance mechanic. Players must build towers to complete different goals, all while keeping the tower from toppling.


My time at CastAR was spent working on Offroad Elimination. I pitched this game to CastAR's executive board and, after being green lit, I worked as a Game Designer until we shut down. My primary responsibilities were weapon and AI design. I also played an vital role in designing and tuning race tracks and arenas, driving mechanics, arena style game modes, vehicle and track unlocks based around an XP system.

Some of my responsibilities as Game Designer

Thoughtfully designed game systems, including:

  • 12 unique weapons designed to provide whacky but balanced fun

  • An "AI Race Brain" to produce fun and interesting AI racing behaviors

  • Several race tracks and arenas - These white box designs were eventually taken through the art pipeline and polished 

  • A vehicle “garage” with 13 different cars unique skins, colors, and emojis for communication between racers

  • An XP based leveling system with track and vehicle customization unlocks

  • Produced clear and thorough design documentation

  • Organized design documentation into agile tasks for programmers/artist

  • Worked closely with multiple disciplines to bring project from conception to completion