Game Designer

I was fortunate enough to have worked as a Game Designer on Lego Brawls. Brawls was one of the featured launch titles for the Apple Arcade platform. Working with Lego and Apple to build this lighthearted, online multiplayer, team based game was a real treat.

I did design work on various aspects of the game - including weapon/powerup design, tuning, future content planning, and more.

Lego Brawls Launch Trailer


My Work on Brawls

  • Designed, tuned, balanced, and oversaw implementation of powerups

  • Planned future content releases, including levels, themes, powerups, minifigs, etc.

  • Player Unlocks - unlock cadence and content

  • Captured footage, screenshots, and misc content for Apple and Lego for use in marketing

  • Worked closely with Lego to ensure that their IP was used in accordance with Lego standards