Rapid Prototypes

These games were each produced in under four weeks. We set out to find the fun, and find it fast.


Sumo Turtles

Sumo turtles takes the concept of sumo wrestling and turns it upside down... Literally. Up to four players can enter the arena for the chance to out maneuver, or out muscle your opponents... As turtles spinning on the backs of their shells. THIS is how turtles sumo wrestle.

Priority Mail

You are an up and coming mail room sorter! Speed and accuracy are essential. Make sure to attend to Priority Mail first to score even more!

U Park

A serious game meant to encourage University of Utah commuters to take the train. It's Pac-Man meets musical chairs in this top down race to find a parking spot.

The Rolling Jackalope

A mobile game aimed at a young audience. Players use gyroscopic controls to roll the Jackalope around screen collecting as many friends as possible to advance to the next area. Let's get rolling!