Wobbly Words

Game Designer


Wobbly words takes the idea of a crossword game, and adds a balance mechanic. Players must build towers to complete different goals, all while keeping the tower from toppling.


I worked as the sole Game Designer on Wobbly Words from conception to completion. Originally started as a small “game jam” project, Wobbly Words was quickly deemed too fun to not create a bigger experience. I designed the base game mechanic as well as several new systems that became “Adventure” mode - consisting of level based challenges. In addition to gameplay, UI, and level design, I also oversaw monetization of the game.

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 9.46.51 AM.png

Some of my work as Game Designer

Thoughtfully designed game systems, including:

  • Designed and fine tuned the core mechanic of building a balanced word tower

  • Four unique objective based game types - Pop Balloons, Tile Survival, Height, and Score

  • Unique gameplay modifiers to further increase gameplay variety - blocking tiles, multiplier balloons, and encroaching tiles

  • 75 different levels with a “heartbeat” style difficult ramp

  • A High Score “Arcade” mode

  • Leaderboards, Friend Integration, and Monetization

  • Post release content plan including: New zone themes, new mechanics, and consumable powerups