The Adhesive Progress

With a couple meetings under our belts, things seem to moving along nicely! We've made a couple decisions early on that should really change the way our game will turn out. Everyone seems really excited moving forward with The Adhesive Project!

Unity 5

We are starting our build using Unity 5. Matt L believes they've made some changes to their physics engine that should make achieving what we want easier than it has been in the past. (so far corners have happened automagically!) 

3D! (on a fixed 2D plane)

Seeming as Matt B has been doing a lot of work lately with 3D, he really wanted to push for a 3D look. He has put together a few concept characters/scene props for us and so far everything looks great. We are really going to try and raise the bar visually this time around, and I think going 3D should allow us to make something that stands out. Now we are trying to decide on the best perspective for the game. Everything will be locked to a 2D plane, but we are playing with a few different angles... Hopefully we should be rolling on something soon!